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Making corrections to translations

There are a lot of translations on the engoi website. There are about 1200 basic words and phrases, each is translated into 12 other languages, like this :

That makes around 13 thousand translations. Each was made by a professional translator when the site was built (long ago now), but naturally, with so much content, there are a few mistakes.

Problem is, I cannot fix these myself. My own native language is English, and I speak some Dutch and French; but if there are errors, say, in Portuguese, I cannot know what corrections should be made.

Of course, I do want these errors to get fixed. The question is, how to do it.

One way would be to allow users to fix edit and correct phrases themselves. This could be done fairly easily, I could write some new code to allow that.

But for just anyone to be able change any phrase is not a good idea – it would leave the site open to having more mistakes introduced by well-meaning but inaccurate people – or even maliciously.

What I want is that any user to the site can make a suggestion for a correction or improvement – but before that suggestion is used to actually change a phrase, it has to be approved by other users.

I’m not sure right now how this would actually work – maybe some kind of voting system, or maybe we could have some users with “special powers” to maintain certain languages. I haven’t really figured out what would work best yet.

Any thoughts or ideas on this?


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the engoi blog

I’ve been developing for about 5 or 6 years now, and the site has slowly grown from very small to several thousand visitors per day.

For a few years I did very little active development, but recently I decided to put some time back into it. This is partly because I saw that the site keeps getting a lot of use – why let a good thing die down? So, it is time to get involved again.

I get messages from users via the site contact form quite often – unfortunately, they are not often in English, Dutch or French, the languages that I speak. This means that I am not very likely to answer them.

By starting this blog, I hope that I will be able to have better communication with the regular users of the site. So – feel free to add comments, ask me questions, whatever.

One thing – I don’t intend to put this blog into 13 different languages! Please reply in English if you want me to respond. I don’t care if your English is not that great, I’m happy to hear from you.

thanks for using the site!

Daniel – founder and developer

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