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What is is a website designed to help you learn a foreign language. You can choose your native language and the language you are learning, then choose a list of words to learn. can help you to build up a good vocabulary in your chosen language.

How does the learning page work?

How does the audio work?

You can now hear recordings of the words and phrases you are learning. We are making the recordings, which are all made by native speakers, langauge by language. These are the ones we have done so far.

That is the audio player. Sometimes it will play when the page opens. You can also click to listen again.

You need to install Flash 8 or later to use audio.

I cannot log in

If you have forgotten your password, please use the forgotten password page to get a new one.

If you cannot log in even with the right username and password, maybe your web browser is not allowing cookies. You need to allow cookies from to log in.

Why is some text on the site only in English?

Each time we update the site, we get any new text translated. Sometimes we make a quick update and do not have time, so, we leave the translation until later.

What plans do you have to expand

We plan to add a lot of new features. We think that what we have today is pretty good, but we do have a lot more ideas and plans. It just takes time to carry them out! We intend to add a great number of new words and phrases, and other features to enhance your learning experience, but also to make the site more interactive. (We'd rather wait until we have something real to show you though, than to say too much right now.)

All of this takes a lot of time though, and that is why we don't make the site completely free. We may also host a small amount of advertising to bring in revenue, so that we can continue to develop the site.

I have a question or problem, but it's not listed here!

Please let us know using the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you are a member, give your user name. Please note that although this is a multilingual website, if your message is not in English it may take longer to answer, as not all our staff speak all languages! However, we will do our best to help you.

Finally ...

Learning a language is lots of fun, and also a challenge. One of the keys is to build up a good vocabulary. The more words you know, the more you will succeed, and the more fun you will have. Here at, we want to help you to do that!

Wishing you many happy and successful studies,