English to Marathi phrases and vocabulary exercises

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Take a look at the English to Marathi phrases below. Try to remember them, then take the Vocabulary Exercise by following one of these links.

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English Marathi
phrase comment phrase Translit. comment
I go मी जातो/ जाते Mi Jaato/jaate Depending on the gender (masculine- jaato, feminine-jaate)
You go तु जा tu Jaa
It goes तो जातो to Jaato
We go आम्ही जातो AAmhee Jaato
You go plural तुम्ही जा tumhee Jaa
They go ते जातात te Jaatat
I come मी येतो/येते Mi Yeto/yete Depending on the gender (masculine- yeto, feminine-yete)
You come तु ये tu Ye
It comes तो येतो to Yeto
We come आम्ही येतो AAmhee Yeto
You come plural तुम्ही येता tumhee Ya
They come ते येतात te Yetat