English to Marathi phrases and vocabulary exercises

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Take a look at the English to Marathi phrases below. Try to remember them, then take the Vocabulary Exercise by following one of these links.

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English Marathi
phrase comment phrase Translit. comment
colour -रंग Ranga
dark -गडद GaDad ( Cap. D pronounce as "D" of darling)
light -फिक्का Phikkaa
black -काळा KaaLaa
blue -नीळा neeLaa
brown -चोकलेटी ChokaleTee (Cap.T pronounce as "T" in tall or toll)
gray -करडा KaraDaa/ raakhaaDee राखाडी (cap. 'D' to be pronounced as 'd' in 'do')
green -हिरवा Hirawaa
orange -नारंगी Naarangee/kesharee/bhagavaa केशरी/भगवा
red -लाल Laal
yellow -पिवळा PeewaLaa
white -पांढरा PaanDharaa
purple -जांभळा JaamBhaLaa