English to Marathi phrases and vocabulary exercises

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Take a look at the English to Marathi phrases below. Try to remember them, then take the Vocabulary Exercise by following one of these links.

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English Marathi
phrase comment phrase Translit. comment
I am -मी आहे Mi Aahe
You are -तू आहेस tu aahes
It is -ते आहे to aahe
We are आम्ही आहोत aamhee Aahot
You are plural -तुम्ही आहात tumhee Aahat
They are -ते आहेत te Aahet
I have -माझ्याकडे आहे Maazhyaakade Aahe
You have -तुझ्याकडे आहे tuzhyaakade Aahe
It has -त्याकडे आहे tyaakade Aahe
We have -आमच्याकडे आहे aamchyaakade Aahe
You have plural -तुमच्याकडे आहे Tumchyakade Aahe
They have -त्यांच्याकडे आहे tyaanchyaakade Aahe