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English to Japanese phrases and vocabulary exercises

moral qualities / 道徳的なことがら

Take a look at the English to Japanese phrases below. Try to remember them, then take the Vocabulary Exercise by following one of these links.

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English Japanese
phrase comment phrase Romaji comment
good zen ぜん
bad aku あく
evil 邪悪 ja'aku じゃあく
right 正しい tadashi'i ただしい
wrong 間違い machigai まちがい
virtue 美徳 bitoku びとく
sinfulness 罪深さ tsumifukasa つみふかさ
innocence 純真 junshin じゅんしん
guilt tsumi つみ
respect 尊敬 sonke'i そんけい
contempt 軽蔑 keibetsu けいべつ