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English to Marathi phrases and vocabulary exercises

inside the body / शरीरात

Take a look at the English to Marathi phrases below. Try to remember them, then take the Vocabulary Exercise by following one of these links.

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English Marathi
phrase comment phrase Translit. comment
heart ह्रुदय Hriday
bone हाडे HaaDe D' to be pronounced as 'D" in 'do'
spine मणका MaNakaa
stomach पोट PoT (Cap.T pronounce as "T" in tall or toll)
lung फुफ्फूस Phuphphoos
liver यक्रुत Yakrut
kidney मुत्रपिंड Mutraashay
blood रक्त Rakta
nerve च्तारज्जू Chetarajjoo
muscle स्नायू Snaayoo