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English to Japanese phrases and vocabulary exercises

direction and position / 方角と位置

Take a look at the English to Japanese phrases below. Try to remember them, then take the Vocabulary Exercise by following one of these links.

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English Japanese
phrase comment phrase Romaji comment
here ここ koko ここ
there あそこ asoko あそこ
direction 方角、方向 hôgaku, hôko ほうがく、ほうこう
distance 距離 kyori きょり
north kita きた
south minami みなみ
east higashi ひがし
west 西 nishi にし
left side 左(側) (ひだり hidari (gawa) ひだり(がわ)
right side 右(側) (みぎ migi (gawa) みぎ(がわ)
front mae まえ
back ushiro うしろ
far 遠い tôi とおい
near 近い chikai ちかい